We View Our Customers as Family

Who We Are

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hi tech honeycomb founder, joao costa and family

Our History

Joao Costa, founder of Hi Tech Honeycomb, was a Brazilian immigrant that came to the United States with an extraordinary entrepreneurial spirit. After working 26 years in the Aerospace industry, he and his son, John decided to forge their own path in business. With the enduring support of wife Selma, Joao and his son, John, embarked on a new journey—manufacturing honeycomb.

Through hard work and ingenuity, he leveraged what he had learned throughout his career in aerospace and built what is now the premier honeycomb supplier in the world.

Throughout his tenure at Hi Tech Honeycomb, Joao’s determination to build a company that had the best quality products and excellent customer service served him well throughout the years. Making sure that he was involved in all aspects of the company, he continuously displayed tremendous business acumen as well as a willingness to share his insights with his employees in an effort to teach and develop them. He definitely expected a lot from them but he also gave them a lot in return. Creating caring and robust connections with all of his employees was extremely important to Joao. He made sure that all of his employees felt appreciated and felt there was no such thing as an insignificant person or position in his company. Joao believed that his employees were at the heart of his organization’s growth and always treated them as ‘family’.

A Lasting Legacy

Today Lisa Costa is carrying on the proud tradition of her father as the CEO at Hi Tech Honeycomb. She is meeting challenges head-on and is inspiring everyone in the company to work smarter and not harder. Lisa continues to prioritize the well-being of employees, exceptional customer service, and high-quality products to ensure the continued success of the organization.

Joao’s son, John Costa is also a managing partner at Hi Tech Honeycomb. John and his mother, Selma, played an integral role in building and growing the business to what it is today. Long hours and hard work brought Joao’s dream to fruition and laid a strong foundation for success. As both of their families grow, Joao’s four grandsons will be taking their place working in the business, making their parents and grandparents proud and ensuring a lasting legacy. The rich history and customer-centric culture that is Joao Costa’s legacy lives on at Hi Tech Honeycomb and are some of its strongest assets.

hi tech honeycomb CEO, Lisa Costa and managing partner, John Costa
hi tech honeycomb CEO, Lisa Costa and team member