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Hi Tech Honeycomb is the leading global provider of seal components for aircraft and land based turbines. Our dedicated product development team offers innovative solutions to assist companies across all aspects of the aerospace and power generation industries.

Whether your focus is OEM or Repair we will provide hands on consultation and quality products customized to your specifications. From pre-embedded braze tape to unique contours and net shape honeycomb; contact us today to see how we can meet all of your honeycomb needs.

Honeycomb Solutions

Hi Tech Honeycomb offers a wide range of honeycomb product for gas turbine engine seals to meet the global demand.


  • Hast-X
  • Haynes 214
  • Stainless Steel
  • Hast-S
  • Haynes 230
  • Inconel

Material Thickness

  • .001" – .011"

Hexagonal Cell Sizes

  • 1/32 (.031”)
  • 1/16 (.062”)
  • 3/32 (.094”)
  • 1/8 (.125”)
  • 3/16 (.188”)


We offer all of our honeycomb products with the option of pre-embedded braze tape. This feature reduces processing time in your facility by eliminating powder application.


Our machining and forming capabilities allow our product to arrive ready to tack to the larger assembly without additional processing. Added features such as taper angles, conical forming and step profiles will minimize processing times within your facility.

Custom Solutions

Hi Tech Honeycomb offers custom solutions to fulfill your honeycomb product needs. We continue to push the envelope with our products and strive to expand our capabilities to handle the growing market. Additional capabilities include: Holes, 4 welds, inspection equipment, on-site consultation, rings, segments & much more.

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Design Consultation &Technical Support

Our engineering team prides itself on offering simple and effective solutions to your honeycomb needs. From creating detailed honeycomb prints to providing support through the brazing process we aim to make your job as easy as possible.

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