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Hi Tech Honeycomb, Inc.

Terms and Conditions for Purchase

Unless otherwise expressed by a separate binding contract or within the Purchase Order (PO) by specific clause or specification, then Hi Tech Honeycomb, Inc. General Terms and Conditions shall apply to all Purchase Orders and deliveries.

1. Contract/Purchase Order:

Service to contract shall not be binding unless acknowledged by Hi Tech Honeycomb, Inc. through formal written
response and commitment acceptance.


Unless otherwise specified in writing, all prices quoted remain in effect for an agreed amount of time after the
day the quote is issued (which is printed on the quote). Our estimating department signs off all approved quotes
prior to release to our customers; and just as purchase orders are signed off and acknowledged, our expectations
are the same. Acknowledging quotes by signature in return, prior to purchase order release, ensures that the
details listed on the quote are acceptable and provides both parties with assurances based on the supplied
documentation which is provided and addressed during the quoting process.
Our quoting process involves a number of departments including Estimating, Engineering, Quality, and
Management. We understand that time is of the essence and we would also appreciate that all inquires for
missing documentation be addressed immediately to facilitate a rapid and accurate response.

3. Tooling:

Unless otherwise specified, Hi Tech Honeycomb, Inc. will maintain ownership of all existing dies, tools, gauges,
fixtures and patterns necessary for the production of the material ordered by their customers. In the event that
specific tooling is required, tooling will be identified as customer-owned and inventoried. If design changes affect
the aforementioned, the customer will be notified and changes, modifications or the total redesign and rebuild
will be the responsibility of customer to approve and cover all associated costs. Changes to amortized tooling will
require a revised quotation to be created and customer will carry the responsibility on all associated costs being
driven by their requested change or design modification.

4. Purchase Order Changes:

Hi Tech Honeycomb, Inc. agrees to provide Product or the Services encompassed by the purchase orders provided
by the customer on the date of agreement. Hi Tech Honeycomb, Inc. reserves the right to re-quote any customer
changes that might occur after the original date of the purchase order which would have direct affect to design,
price, quantities, or time for performance. A modified/amended purchase order from customer in writing will be
required prior to our ability to proceed accordingly.

5. Intellectual & Proprietary Information:

All information furnished by Hi Tech Honeycomb, Inc. is submitted solely for Customer’s consideration and shall
not be disclosed to any third party without Hi Tech Honeycomb’s prior written consent. All furnished detailed
or manufactured drawings submitted to customer with Hi Tech Honeycomb trademark/logo shall remain the
exclusive property of Hi Tech Honeycomb, Inc., and may not without Hi Tech Honeycomb’s written consent, be
communicated or distributed to a third party.
NRE charges which cover the creation of detailed drawings, tooling designs and manufacturing aids are specifically linked to labor hours only. All Intellectual Property within these drawings, designs and manufacturing aids remain
exclusive to Hi Tech Honeycomb, Inc. Except as expressly provided, all IP and Proprietary information provided
to our customers even after termination or expiry of this agreement cannot be used or distributed without prior
written authorization from Hi Tech Honeycomb, Inc.

6. Cancellation/Termination Clause:

Should a notice of cancellation/termination be exercised by customer on an existing order, Hi Tech Honeycomb,
Inc. reserves the right to collect the appropriate expenses incurred for work-in-process purchased or made solely
in support of the Purchase Order.

7. Limited Warranty:

Hi Tech Honeycomb, Inc. warrants that at the time of final delivery to Customer each component will meet
Customer-applicable specifications for such items at that time or such other specifications or repair processes as
have been expressly transmitted by Customer in shipping orders, Special Processing Operations, Purchase Orders, Internal Engineering Notices/Engineering Authority, overhaul manuals, and other documents that have been
incorporated by the agreement of the parties.

8. Customer Returns:

Prior to shipping back a return, a complete review must be completed; customer must submit the complete
documentation package consisting of part number, part revision, purchase order related to the shipment in
question, Lot number, quantity of parts in question and a complete description of the non-conformance. Our
quality assurance team will then investigate and determine the correct measures to take. Only then can a Return
Authorization Number (RMA) be issued. Credit memos will only be issued against a valid RMA. In no instance
will Hi Tech Honeycomb, Inc. issue a credit for more than the PO value of returned parts .In the event Customer
receives product deemed non-conforming, Customer must still pay for product of same delivery not deemed non-
conforming. Any withholding payment of conforming product may result in past due invoices, which may result in
Customer’s account being placed on hold.

9. Shipping Terms/ Risk of Loss:

Goods are sold F.O.B. Hi Tech Honeycomb’s place of business. Identification of the goods sold under this
agreement shall occur when Hi Tech Honeycomb, Inc. places the goods in the hands of the carrier for delivery; at
which time, title and risk of loss shall pass to Customer.

10. Packaging:

Hi Tech Honeycomb, Inc. will pack, mark, and ship the products according to its standard procedures for
shipment, unless the parties agree, in writing (prior to shipment), that Hi Tech Honeycomb, Inc. will comply with
any special instructions provided by Customer. Compliance with special instructions may result in an increased

11. Invoicing /Payment Terms:

Unless otherwise expressed by a separate binding contract or within the Purchase Order (PO), payment terms
are Net 45 days upon approval of Customer’s credit application. All orders are subject to Hi Tech Honeycomb,
Inc.’s credit limit and terms of credit required by Hi Tech Honeycomb, Inc. or contained in Hi Tech Honeycomb,
Inc.’s credit application, which is subject to change by Hi Tech Honeycomb, Inc. at any time either before or after
delivery of any part of the order. Hi Tech Honeycomb, Inc. reserves the right to request payment in advance of
shipment or any order, or to request adequate assurances for Customer’s payment of an order and may withhold
or stop shipment, without any liability to Hi Tech Honeycomb, Inc., until Customer submits payment or assurance
of payment, as required by Hi Tech Honeycomb, Inc.
Invoices are issued at date of shipment. Past due invoices will be charged 1.0% per month (12% APR) from invoice
date unless other arrangements have been made in advance. Provided, however, that in the event that applicable
governmental law sets a maximum rate for late payment fees which is less than 12% per annum, then the late payment charge assessed will be set at the maximum rate permitted by law.
Accounts past due by 30 days are subject to being placed on “HOLD” until entire balance is paid in full, unless
other arrangements have been made and agreed to by both parties. Not paying invoices, freight, or accrued
interest may cause account to be in default. If Customer is in default in payment or otherwise with respect to
any order for Products or Services or any other contract with Hi Tech Honeycomb, Inc., Hi Tech Honeycomb, Inc.
shall have the right, in addition to all other legal remedies and without prejudice to any of its right hereunder,
to defer further shipments until such default is corrected and to declare all outstanding bills of Customer to be
immediately due and payable.
Any costs, including, but not limited to court fees, attorney’s fees, and/or collection fees, incurred by Hi Tech
Honeycomb, Inc. to collect a past due amount will also be charged to the account as allowed by California law.
If Customer account becomes past due and Hi Tech Honeycomb, Inc. is forced to place it on hold or take legal
action to collect a past due balance a second time, NO service, support, or sales will be available until the account
is paid in full. Once a suspended account is paid in full, for a 6-month period following the full payment of the
suspended account, all service, support, or purchases will be strictly on a COD basis only. Should it become
necessary to suspend an account for a third time, all necessary measures required to collect the entire balance
will be taken and the account will be subject to non-renewal. This means that after the 3rd suspension, Hi Tech
Honeycomb, Inc. will no longer do business with customer.

12. Delivery:

Hi Tech Honeycomb, Inc. shall not be responsible for delays due to war, acts of God or of the public enemy,
terrorism, acts of government, fire, floods, earth quakes, strikes, labor disputes, inability to obtain supplies or fuel,
sabotage, freight, equipment problems and transportation, nor other delays or causes beyond the control of Hi
Tech Honeycomb, Inc.

13. Governing Law:

This agreement was entered into in the State of California, and shall be interpreted and enforced in accordance
with the laws of the state of California, including the California uniform commercial code then in force.

14. Entire Agreement:

The terms and conditions hereof, constitute the final, complete and exclusive agreement between two parties.
Hi Tech Honeycomb, Inc. reserves the right to modify and/or terminate these terms and conditions at any time
without notice.