Matthew Gluntz

Vice President of Sales and Special Projects

Matthew Gluntz is the Vice President of Sales and Special Projects for Hi Tech Honeycomb. He joined the team in April of 2016. Prior to joining Hi Tech Honeycomb Matthew worked in the cutting tool industry where his team constantly sold on a value-added basis. Matthew’s team averaged 23% cost reduction year over year to their end users, while increasing their sales over 42 million. Four times Matthew was awarded his company’s highest achievement award for the largest margin growth per person over a two year span.

Matthew’s greatest strengths are his creativity, drive and leadership. He thrives on challenges, particularly those that expand the company’s reach. His most recent project involved a strategic partnership with a core supplier to add a value-added stream into Hi Tech Honeycomb.
Matthew studied at the Cleveland State university, and completed his Executive Master degree at the University of Michigan. Matthew has just moved from Cleveland Ohio to San Diego to join our team. Matthew enjoys sports, the ocean and spending time with his grandkids.