Employment Benefits

Our Approach to a

Culture of Innovation

At Hi Tech Honeycomb, our goal is for you to wake up every morning and look forward to coming into work. We foster a belief that the employees really matter. The average employee at our Company has been here for 8.8 years. They enjoy working here and know that the company cares.

When it comes to benefits, everyone has different needs and priorities. With this in mind, our work culture empowers employees and their family members to invest in their wellness, and encourages them to maintain a healthy work/life balance.

Our Benefits:

Hi Tech Honeycomb offers a 401K to allow employees to build their retirement savings. There is also an employer match.

Employees have the opportunity to enroll in health, dental and vision insurance.

Our Company provides $25,000 in Employer paid life and $25,000 AD&D insurance.

Employees can choose to enroll in additional voluntary life insurance.

Company Events

  • Employee of the Month Program
  • Milestone Recognition
  • Holiday Lunches
  • Employee Recharge Room
  • Birthday Club Luncheon
  • Tickets to Sporting Events
  • Semi Annual Company BBQ’s
  • Photo of the Month Contest
  • Turkey for Thanksgiving
  • Perfect Attendance Recognition
  • Annual Bonuses
  • Merit Raises
  • Paid day off, gift card & parking Space
  • Certificate, gift & cake
  • Christmas & Thanksgiving
  • Special room for employees to relax and enjoy
  • Enjoy lunch with the CEO
  • Have fun in the sun
  • Eat and enjoy good company
  • Display your favorite photo
  • Company sponsored gift for the holiday
  • Annual bonus for not missing work
  • Extra money to spend
  • Meeting and exceeding expectations is rewarded

Here’s what our employees are saying: